I CAN show You How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes in Just 7 Days Using This 100% Proven & Easy Hypnosis Mind Power Program

The Quit Smoking Scam:

Why Pills, Sprays, Gums and Patches DON’T WORK

These nicotine-based smoking products are part of a cruel hoax that is robbing you of your right to better health, thousands of dollars, a smoke-free existence and setting a good example for your children! But don’t let this happen to you. Here’s what you MUST KNOW to stop being victimised and disappointed by the pharmaceutical and tobacco companies!

From: Doug Grahame

Dear friend,

If you've tried more sprays, gums, pills and patches than you can remember and still been unable to stop smoking, it's probably NOT YOUR FAULT. If you've been led to believe these nicotine-based stop smoking products actually work and that you simply need more willpower... you’re probably a victim of the "Quit Smoking" industry's dirty little secrets.

DO NOT blame yourself for lacking willpower or a lack of backbone or anything like that. Nor should you roll over in defeat and resign yourself to spending a fortune on an addiction which damages your taste buds, makes your breath smell, ends your life early, makes you unfit and sets a bad example for your children... with excuses like, “I’m addicted” or “it’s impossible to stop.”

I promise you, YOU CAN STOP SMOKING IN AS LITTLE AS 7 DAYS, no matter how long you've smoked or how many times you've tried to stop before, without suffering from anxiety, restlessness, depression, difficulty concentrating, constipation, spending hundreds of dollars on medication and pills, putting on weight, turning to alcohol, chewing gum, wearing patches, fighting off cravings for years, or suffering any sense of loss.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Doug Grahame, and up until 7 years ago, I'd been a smoker for in excess of 20 years. With a business as a marine archaeologist in the South China Sea area, it was simply a part of my lifestyle. In fact, out of the 22 men in my crew, 17 of us smoked heavily which will seem strange to most people, but is very common amongst divers. We had a love/hate relationship with those cancer sticks – one night we'd be sitting around having a good time chuffing away like chimneys... the next morning we would be coughing and spluttering all over the place, complaining about how awful we felt. I swear I've almost thrown a cylinder of oxygen overboard some mornings because I was so frustrated at the way I had become a slave to this dangerous habit despite my agonising efforts to stop.

Doesn't it drive you nuts? I had not gotten any closer to giving up, even thought I knew exactly what smoking was costing me...

How many packs do you smoke per day?Enter in the box how many packs you smoke a day.

Cost Of Smoking

Per Week:
Per Year:

Time Spent Smoking

Per Week:
Per Year:

... how much time I had wasted on this unpleasant habit even as my family shook their heads at poor old Doug...

Amount Of Tar

Per Year:
Per 10 Years:

... and how much tar was accumulating in my lungs each year...

Heck, it wasn’t as if I hadn’t already beaten myself up for being outsmarted by those deadly cigarettes. It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to strike back against the crooks who made them so addictive and caused thousands of people every year to drop away like flies. I’d tried everything over the years and dropped several thousand dollars on nicotine replacement therapy, counselling, prescription tablets, acupuncture and hypnosis. But nothing seemed to work.

Fortunately, I’m The Kind Of Guy Who Will Bitch
To Anyone That Will Listen!

That’s how I found out about my lead diver, Darren Smythe’s success and came across a guy called Elliott Wald and, after seeing Darren easily stay off the cigarettes for more than 12 months, I got in touch with Elliott and had him fly to Subic Bay in the Philippines and put the rest of my smoking crew through his EasyStop programme. And the results speak for themselves...

  • Within 21 days I had noticed how everyone had quit smoking without the usual side effects and was enjoying the taste of their food more.
  • Within 90 days we were all breathing far easier, coughing and spluttering less, and experienced far more energy.
  • After 12 months it was like we had never smoked before – and we’ve never looked back.
  • Plus – incredibly...

Not One Of My 17 Member Team
Has Taken The Habit
Back Up Again


And it just gets better and better because here’s what was happening for every member of my team from the minute we quit smoking...

Fresher smelling breath. Hair and clothes stop smelling like the stench of smoke. Started to enjoy the taste of food. Stains from nicotine on fingers begin to disappear.
Within 20 minutes:
Blood pressure re-adjusts to normal level; pulse drops to normal level; body temperature of hands and feet return to normal.
After 8 hours:
Carbon monoxide levels in blood drops to normal; oxygen level in blood increases to normal.
After 24 hours:
Chance of heart attack decreases.
After 48 hours:
Nerve endings start to re-grow; ability to smell and taste things is enhanced.
After 72 hours:
Bronchial tubes relax; lung capacity increases.
Between 2 weeks
and 3 months:.......... Circulation improves; walking is easier; lung function  increases up to40%.
Between 1 month
and 9 months:.......... Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath decrease. Cilia re-grow in the lungs, increasing the ability to handle mucus, cleaning the lungs and reducing infection.

And the best part of all is that we no longer crave or even think about cigarettes. It’s as if some angel came down from the heavens and magically took this addiction right out of our mind and body.

But there’s nothing magical about this. It’s just pure common sense! You see, what I learnt from Elliott was that the cigarette industry wasn’t the only one which is full of greedy, money-grubbing scoundrels. The pharmaceutical multinationals also wield so much power and influence over the media, television, newspapers, radio, universities, scientific journals, medical associations and even the government.

They’re claiming to be trying to help you stop smoking. But what they’re actually doing is robbing you of the smoke free existence you could have. That’s why I can tell you right now...

If you’re taking nicotine replacement therapy via patches,
inhalers, lozenges or gum – you might as well flush
‘em down the drain! Here’s why...

In the UK I’m sure you know that every year 4 million smokers try to kick the habit with only an estimated 150,000 successes. I’m sure you’ve also heard that if you call your local QUIT line they will recommend you take some form of nicotine replacement therapy such as patches, inhalers or gums. But...

DID YOU KNOW in the UK government takes some $8,000,000.000.00 ($8 billion) each year in taxes and revenues directly related to smoking?

DID YOU KNOW in the UK National Health Service spends $1,700,000,000.00 treating smoking related illnesses in the UK each year?

DID YOU KNOW the UK government makes an annual profit from smoking of about $6,300,000,000.00?

AND DID YOU KNOW Quit is supported by pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxosmithkline, Norvatis pharmaceutical, Pharmacia, Procter and Gamble, and Micro Medical Ltd.

The bottom line is the pharmaceutical companies are claiming to help you overcome smoking. But the reality is they have a hidden agenda and are actually doing is robbing you of the smoke free existence you could be enjoying.

Listen:  the idea for a person to use patches, pills, gums, inhalers or lozenges instead of smoking a cigarette makes sense on a logical level. As a person participating in nicotine replacement therapy, you are instructed not to smoke cigarettes, therefore weaning yourself away from the routine of smoking the cigarettes.

It makes sense, right? After all, it’s the carcinogens in nicotine that kill you, so if you can, slowly decrease the amount of nicotine replacement therapy until you have stopped smoking and can then stop taking the nicotine replacements.

But the reality is very different, isn’t it? If you or anyone you know has ever tried nicotine replacement therapy, let me ask you this:

  • Did you actually stop smoking (or do you know anyone who has) as a result of nicotine replacement therapy?
  • Did you think you had beaten your addiction to smoking (because you hadn’t had a puff in weeks) only to find yourself still feeding your physical addiction to nicotine kicked back in as soon as you stopped using the patches or taking the pills?
  • Did you find that as soon as you took your first puff, the whole process of addiction started all over again and you were sent back to the beginning when you decided to start nicotine replacement therapy in the first place?
  • Did you stop smoking as you set out to do? If not, I don’t want you to beat yourself up about it because...

It’s not your fault

After all, when you take nicotine replacement therapy, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO GET RESULTS. Isn’t that the whole point? If you’re taking pills, patches, gums, inhalers or lozenges and your withdrawal symptoms are so strong when you stop, SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG WITH THE SYSTEM!

Heck, even Harry Hemley from the Australian Medical Association supported this belief in an article featured in the Sun Herald on March 30, 2008:  “My experience with patients is that they haven’t been all that successful”, Dr. Hemley said. “I’ve had patients who’ve used them for years on and off and become dependent on the patches and the gum.”

So instead of listening to the drug companies’ claims such as “triples your chance of success”, take a look at the facts:  according to a research paper by the BMJ Publishing Group (featured in Wikipedia), only 7% of people attempting to stop smoking using NRT were still smoke-free after 6 months.

And the reason behind this is there are two enemies you are fighting against:

Enemy #1: The Psychological
Root of Addiction

Quite simply, the psychological addiction is something which has been developed over a period of time and consists of the habit of smoking the cigarettes and the illusions you have about how hard it is to quit and what smoking does for you.

Now www.dictionary.com defines an illusion as something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. Truth is, almost every smoker I’ve ever known (including ME) has been brainwashed by at least a few of the illusions below. See how many of these seven illusions apply to you...

Illusion #1:It requires
willpower to stop

No matter what you’ve been told – trying to stop smoking the hard way, the way that requires tons of effort, deprivation and will power, simply doesn’t work!

Why? Because willpower is battling against your own will and that’s a crazy way to try and stop smoking. The reality is only 3-5% of people who use this technique alone and go cold turkey end up successfully quitting for 12 months or longer. No wonder so many people throw their arms in the air out of despair and think:  forget it!

Check out what Elliott Wald has to say by clicking on the play button below...

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Illusion #2:  Smoking relaxes you
and keeps away the anxiety

False. Actually, it’s scientifically impossible because nicotine actually speeds things up, so it certainly cannot relax you. But do you know why you feel that way? It’s because the moment you take your fix and the nicotine hits your brain, your drug levels rise right up. And since what goes up must come down – when your drug levels do begin to drop you begin to feel a level of anxiety and need the next cigarette to alleviate it.

The cigarettes are like a friend who gets you out of trouble once he has thrown you into the lion’s den... repeating the cycle over and over. Believe me... you can do without a friend like this and will be far more relaxed once you stop smoking.

Illusion #3: Smoking is enjoyable

This is just one of the things Elliott used to tell me to justify all the damage smoking had done to my health and my life. But the truth is I’ve never met a smoker who truly enjoys sucking tar and nicotine into their lungs. Given the choice, most of us would prefer to be spending time with our family, going out to dinner, fishing, catching up with our friends or doing other things which we love.

Take a moment and ask yourself:  what do you truly enjoy about smoking? Truth is, we have to tell ourselves how much we love it or it would seem strange to keep reaching for the next one.

Illusion #4: Smoking makes
you feel confident

Confidence is defined by www.dictionary.com as a belief in oneself and one’s powers and abilities. So how exactly does the act of lighting a cigarette... moving it to and from our mouth... sucking in tar... and repeating the process over and over again make us more confident?

Truth is, it doesn’t. In fact, with smoking being banned in many public places WORLD WIDE, people don’t even consider it cool anymore.

Confidence already lives within you. It’s a model of behaviour inside your head. And you can control how much confidence you have using specific techniques Elliott will show you. But throw away the notion that cigarettes can help you boost your confidence. It’s a myth the tobacco companies started with their clever advertising and they are only too happy for you to continue to believe it.

Illusion #5:  You need something
to do with your hands

You needed a pacifier/dummy once too. But you got over that... and you’ll get over this as well. Moving your hands is a habit associated with smoking. For instance, if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, that’s 7,300 puffs a year and a heck of a lot of hand movements over 10 years (73,000).

But just like you reluctantly let go of your pacifier/dummy once, you can learn to live without those cigarettes and the hand movements too.

Illusion #6:  Smoking is a habit and therefore
virtually impossible to break

Try this little exercise...

#1.  Fold your arms and notice which one you have on top.

#2.  Now fold them again.
If you’re like most people, you placed the same hand on top on the second time as you did on the first time. Now try something a little different and...

#3.  Fold your hands again with the opposite hand on top. So if your hands were...

Does it feel different? Kind of weird. Well, now...

#4.  Fold your arms in the opposite way over and over again.

And here’s what you’ll find. Eventually the ‘weird’ way of folding your arms will become a new habit. And the other way of folding your arms will seem strange. It really is very easy to break a habit. You just need to replace it with another habit.

Illusion #7:  If I stop smoking,
I’ll put on weight

Sure. If you don’t replace your addiction to smoking, you can put on weight. But Elliott Wald actually lost 56lbs as he stopped smoking. And dozens of others have done the same. I want you to take a good look at the photos below...

before stopping smoking after stopping smoking

Elliott Before
Stopping Smoking

Elliott After
Stopping Smoking

OK, did you do it? Did you take a good look at those amazing pictures? Did you see how Elliott lost 56lbs despite the fact he quit smoking? What they prove is that when you deal with the physical and psychological components of quitting smoking and pull them out from the foundations, you won’t need to replace smoking with anything else. Now, let’s move onto...

Enemy #2:  The Physical
Root of Addiction

The physical addiction to nicotine is a very real one. In fact, when you compare the addictiveness with common drugs, you can see exactly why the habit is so difficult to break...

  • Nasal amphetamine – 80%
  • Nasal cocaine – 71%
  • Caffeine – 70%
  • PCP – 57%
  • Marijuana – 22%
  • Ecstasy – 20%
  • Psilocybin – 19%
  • LSD – 16%
  • Mescaline – 15%
  • Nicotine – 99%
  • Smoked methamphetamine – 98%
  • Crack cocaine – 97%
  • Injected methamphetamine – 92%
  • Valium – 83%
  • Secanol – 82%
  • Alcohol – 81%
  • Heroin – 80%

Source: D Franklin, Health, 1990, 4, 38

As you can see, the physical addiction to smoking is very difficult to cut off from, and once your body has had nicotine in its system, it starts to adapt, thinking it’s simply a normal way of life. So as soon as you stop consuming nicotine, your body – which seeks equilibrium – sends a craving to your brain in an effort to get the nicotine which it considers normal.

Now that I’ve set the framework, make sure you pay attention to what I’m going to say next...

Why Nicotine Based Stop
Smoking Products Don’t Work

Please understand when a person uses patches, pills or some other form of nicotine replacement therapy, what they are actually doing is giving the body its physical needs in the form of the nicotine it needs, so all you need to focus on is breaking the psychological roots as outlined above.

Now most people throw in the towel within the first several weeks saying that the patches, pills or inhalers don’t work because they are still experiencing the cravings for the nicotine. But the truth is the nicotine replacement therapy was working perfectly and what they are actually experiencing is psychological cravings, not physical cravings.

In fact, there’s no doubt in my mind that nicotine replacement therapy works in terms of getting rid of your physical cravings.

But the problem lies in the psychological cravings, combined with the fact even if you overcome your psychological cravings and feel as though you’ve beaten your addiction (after all, you haven’t needed a puff in weeks)... when you stop everything tends to go pear shaped.

And all that time you invested in overcoming your psychological dependence to cigarettes gets thrown out the window when the physical addiction comes back into full swing.

In other words, as soon as you stop getting your nicotine hits, your physical body shouts: WHERE’S MY NICOTINE and sends unbearably strong cravings to your brain, making it almost impossible to resist taking your first puff and sending you straight back to square one.

No matter which way you look at it, it’s virtually impossible to stop smoking using this method. Ask any gardener what happens if you chop the head off the weed – sooner or later the weed grows back. But if you pull the weed out of the root it cannot grow back. And that’s what makes this programme so unique

Only EasyStop Stop Smoking Gives You Everything You Need To
Pull The Psychological And Physical Weeds Out At Their Roots –
So You Can Stop Smoking In Less Than 7 Days

The EasyStop Stop Smoking method was created as a result of Elliott Wald going from smoking 40 cigarrettes a day down to zero. See what Elliott has to say about his experience and how EasyStop works here...

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He told his friends and they stopped smoking. And they told their friends. And the results really did speak for themselves...

  • 77% of clients said stopping smoking with EasyStop was easy
  • 82% of clients recommend EasyStop
  • More than 45% of clients come from referrals

As a result, Elliott has since opened 60 branches in the United Kingdom and now has branches throughout Australia, Mexico and Spain allowing thousands of smokers to...

  • Stop smoking in 7 days – and enjoy more energy, fresher smelling breath and start enjoying the taste of food again.
  • Get around more easily without experiencing shortness of breath.
  • Boost their mental clarity.
  • Feel better about themselves as a result of kicking this mental habit and getting this monkey off their back.
  • Get back the bright white teeth they have always wanted.
  • Regain the respect of their children and look forward to a longer, healthier, happier life where they can watch their young ones grow into their adult years.

And Stop Smoking Using A Method That Allows You To
Pull The Weed Of Addiction Out From The Roots As
You Continue To Smoke While You Are Stopping

Yes, that’s right. Stopping too quickly can be like throwing yourself off a cliff, not a pleasant experience. The EasyStop programme is designed to be so much easier than that. It involves a carefully designed series of gentle steps taken over a period of 7 days – as you break up your existing habits and associations and change your thoughts and beliefs about smoking

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? In fact, when Elliot first released his programme back in 1996, the quit smoking industry was astounded.

However, when people analysed his system and saw how he helped people stop smoking without drugs or medication, they were amazed. They couldn’t believe that this simple system could allow someone to stop smoking so quickly and easily.

But case after case, they have seen how clients could kick the smoking habit for good without anxiety, putting on weight, wearing patches, turning to alcohol, relying on willpower or suffering any sense of loss.

That’s why we’ve invested over $400,000 and 2 years to formulate a special DVD & MP4 programme that gives you everything you need to kick the habit for good right from the comfort of your own home. This unique programme is called EasyStop.

What You Can Expect From

The truth is every part of your body rejects smoking. Think about it – your body hacks, coughs and spits as a result of it. Your body knows it’s terrible for youex. And even though you’ve been brainwashed into believing (by the money-grabbing tobacco industry) smoking is a pleasurable way to spend your time, the EasyStop programme puts the power back in your hands and retrains your mind to stop smoking so you can enjoy:

  • Lungs full of clean air:  You’ve probably been told smoker’s lungs look very different to non-smokers. And that’s because cigarettes contain some of the most carcinogenic chemicals known to man. The reality is that as a smoker you are only exhaling 10% of the tars you actually take in. And that’s why the difference between a smoker and a non-smokers lung is so vast...
Stop Smoking Lungs good Stop Smoking Lungs Bad

Normal City
Dweller's Lungs

Smoker's lung
with emphysema


  • No shortness of breath! If you look at the photo above, you’ll not only notice the discolouration, but the reality that the lungs have literally been ripped out of shape causing breathing to be incredibly difficult and eventually impossible, leading to a disease called emphysema which is caused by smoking on 90% of occasions.

To get a sense of what it feels like to breathe with emphysema, try this little exercise...

  • Take a deep breath and hold it.
  • Don’t let out any air and take another deep breath. Hold that one as well.
  • And now take one final breath.
  • Okay, let it all out.

... can you feel how difficult that would be to live with? Well, that’s what you are saying goodbye to when you become a non-smoker.

  • More energy! Smoking robs your body of oxygen and can cause you to be more tired throughout the day. When you stop, your body will no longer be zapped of energy throughout the day... so you can enjoy a greater level of energy that lasts and lasts and lasts.

Special note for men:  You’ll have more energy for sex because your libido will increase. Why? Because your veins and arteries are currently being blocked by all the toxic substances in cigarettes making it difficult to gain and maintain an erection.

  • Bright white teeth! Can you imagine ending up with gum diseases and tooth discolouration as a result of smoking? That’s what happens when you keep breathing tar and nicotine into your mouth on a daily basis. And according to a recent study by a team at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, smokers who give up are much less likely to lose their teeth prematurely than those who do not kick the habit.

Based on this research which was published in the Journal of Clinical Peridontology, smokers are up to six times more likely to develop gum disease than non-smokers.

Why? Simply because smoking triggers the accumulation of bacteria in plaque, allowing bacteria to thrive in the gum area, which leads to inflamed gums... eventually effecting the jaw... and speeding up the loss of teeth.

When you stop smoking, tobacco will also stop staining your teeth, inflaming your gums and giving you bad breath. Many people also report wrinkles around their mouth begin to disappear. And obviously, those trips to the dentist will be far more pleasant!

  • Increased mental clarity! Imagine being able to think more clearly and solve problems faster on a daily basis. That’s what happens when you clear your body of nicotine! Stopping this habit is the fastest way I know of to be smarter and more productive on a day to day basis.
  • Enjoy the incredible taste of foods! It’s widely known that smoking and nicotine makes food taste less appealing. Not only does it deaden your taste buds but it also interferes with your sense of smell and is a contributor to periodontal disease. It’s true! That’s why so many people who stop smoking report how much more they enjoy the flavours of their meals.
  • A big boost in self esteem! If you’ve ever felt resigned to being a smoker for life because you’ve felt stopping smoking was an overpowering uphill battle, then when you stop you’ll find yourself overcome with a huge surge of self confidence and self-belief that has an effect on every area of your life.

It can be compared to having the courage to stand up to the bully at primary school. Once you’ve held your ground and realised how easy it actually was, you’ll also have the courage to overcome other challenges in your life which seem insurmountable.

  • Plus, when you stop smoking you can count on ageing more gracefully and staying younger for longer! Research has now proven that smoking destroys the ability of the skin to renew itself effectively, therefore causing us to age and form wrinkles prematurely, and speeding up the ageing process.

According to a team of researchers from Nagoya City University Medical School in Japan cells exposed to cigarette smoke produced significantly more of the enzyme responsible for breaking down the skin. The researchers also discovered smoke caused fresh collagen production (which supports our skin and stops it going droopy) to reduce by up to 40%.

Since less collagen means more wrinkle formation, it goes without saying that when you say no to smoking, you say yes to staying younger for longer.

Anyway, there’s a good reason I’m telling you about all of this. You see, for years the only way to learn this amazing stop smoking technique was to hire an EasyStop practitioner personally... and they never came cheap! In fact, they’ve been charging $300 an hour with a minimum of 2 sessions – meaning it would cost you $600 to go through the whole programme. And even then, you wouldn’t get Elliott Wald but one of his trainees, because he is perhaps...

The Most Sought-After Quit Smoking
Expert On The Planet

And Elliott would have kept on giving just these face-to-face lessons at staggering fees until I convinced him of a very simple economic fact:  If he would allow me to videotape him going through the entire programme... and sell these as a DVD and download programme for less than half of the usual fee... I knew within about a year, so many people from all over the world would buy the programme that Elliott could change the entire face of his business! In fact, he could actually make greater profits charging “spare change”, while helping more people right across the world, than he could by charging his higher fees.

And Elliott agreed... at least partly. Actually, we came to an agreement:  he would allow me to “test” this low cost offer on the internet and promote it for a few months, and if it did well, a new business will be born. If it didn’t however...

He Would Pull The EasyStop Programme
Off The Market Forever And Go Back To His Expensive
Fees For Face-To-Face Consultations

That means, if you’re reading this, the offer is on the table for right now! This is an unbelievably exciting package... allowing you to quit smoking without risking a dime and doing everything from the comfort of your own home! What you get is training from arguably the best Quit Smoking practitioner available today... walking you through the entire process of quitting smoking step-by-step.

And the best part of all is it’s easy. All you do is watch the programme once and then watch one track every day for 7 days, following the directions as you go. And unlike the face-to-face sessions, this programme has been designed so you can go back over the material again and again and again.

This exciting programme is so effective because it not only walks you through everything you need to know to stop smoking, it also stops you ever having the desire to smoke. That’s right, Elliott Wald’s gives you everything you need in the same step-by-step format as the hyper-expensive face-to-face lessons... with the added advantage of having it all on digital video, so you can go back over it again and again and again!

All you need to do is take a little time to listen/watch the recording when you get it Plus you’ll discover...

  • The number one reason why most smokers never quit and how to flick a simple switch in your mind to banish smoking from your life for good.
  • The sneaky strategy Elliott used to reverse the attack of nicotine and overcome the single most damaging “habit” nearly all smokers suffer from (the ultimate weapon to help you take nicotine to task for all the damage it has done to your health).
  • The amazing ‘bumble-bee’ secret that is the foundation of overcoming the self doubt you may have experienced after trying to quit smoking and failing time and time again (this new road to stop smoking makes far more sense than BEATING YOURSELF UP FOR NOTHING).
  • Stopping smoking is difficult, right? Wrong. Cigarette and pharmaceutical companies only want you to think that’s the case. Discover the shocking TRUTH that has allowed thousands of people from all over the world to quit smoking with ease.
  • Why if you’re relying on your willpower to stop smoking, you’re almost bound to fail – and the best way to stop smoking without side effects. 
  • Smoking helps you relax and relieves your anxiety, right? Wrong! It’s like the fireman who starts the bush fire so he can feel a sense of purpose in putting it out. See a snapshot of

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  • WARNING: How nicotine traps your mind into believing false illusions! Being fooled by these unconscious thinking patters could leave you in a traumatic merry-go-round of suffering. Discover how to stop them cold.
  • STOP SMOKING FOR GOOD without putting on an ounce of weight! Why this breakthrough process naturally allows you to stop smoking without replacing it with a food addiction. 
  • The tested and proven 8-step programme to being a non-smoker for life (everything is laid out for you step-by-step. Simply follow the system and you’re guaranteed to SMASH your nicotine addiction to smithereens)
  • Why you should NEVER offer or accept a cigarette from anyone. Never. And how this social conditioning paralyses your attempts to quit.
  • WARNING Stopping COLD TURKEY is almost certain to fail! Discover the shocking TRUTH that can protect you from being disappointed again.
  • What the nicotine companies don’t tell you about the extra additives in their cigarettes.
  • A quick and easy 1 minute exercise for overcoming anxiety.
  • If you’ve tried dozens of times and believe it’s impossible to quit, Elliott walks you through a special process that will allow you to naturally come to a state where you no longer have a desire to smoke again.

 And there’s more:  because you can download this programme to your own MP4 player or iPod... you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go... so throughout the process where you are retraining your mind and emotions to stop smoking, you’ll always have the solutions at your fingertips! When you go and catch up with your buddies in the ‘smokers area’ you can take your MP4 recording with you... and rather than having a cigarette, you can step aside and watch a one minute video which provides you with all the motivation you need to stop smoking for good. 

PLUS:  With a special relaxation exercise, you’ll get to experience just what it’s like to transform smoking into something you actually don’t like doing! There will be no willpower because you no longer have any desire to smoke. There’s no easier way to stop smoking.

Can a simple system like this really help you quit smoking in just 7 days? You bet it can! Just take a look at what these ex-smokers have to say:

“218,400 cigarettes. That's over 30 years of smoking at an average of 20-30 per day! I used the EasyStop method over four years ago, since that day I have never smoked; my only wish was that I had done it years ago.”

Berrol Neil-Morrice

“Since completing the EasyStop course I have not had a single cigarette. I was surprised to find it was easy not smoking, and I no longer found the idea of cigarettes appealing. Now I always go for the no smoking section of a restaurant. It is easier than I thought to not smoke cigarettes.”

Alex Prior

“Six months and I'm still off the cigarettes!”

Sue Kelly

“'88 years young, I smoked for over 70 years, I went to EasyStop, and yes it really was easy!!”

Lucy Bryant

“After 40 years of smoking, I thought I would never stop, but the EasyStop method really works.”

Pauline Baker

“I have more money to spend; I live a safer life; above all, I am free, thanks to EasyStop!”

Paul Webster

“Finding it very easy not to smoke, although they're on my mind I have no intention of either wanting or having one. I am calm and not ratty at all. Thanks a lot.”

Paul Carpenter

“Still not smoking. I don't want one either - great!”

Michelle Messenger

“It was as if a light had been turned on inside of me and I knew in that instance that I was, and would always be a non-smoker.”

Andrew Lacey

“Just a quick note to celebrate my first year as a non-smoker. Your method was amazing - Thank you so much.”

Trudi Kleanthous

“It's been 3 years since I used the EasyStop method and I have not smoked nor wanted to.”

Julie Thomas

“It's been one year today since I gave up smoking after using EasyStop. I'd like to say thank you.”

Jo Fossey

“After 30 years of smoking, I tried to quit, I went on the medical trials for patches, I tried hypnotherapy, acupuncture, tapes, books, nicotine gum, patches again, inhalator all to no avail, then I went to EasyStop, I stopped and that was over two years ago”

Jenny Gl

“Steve and I are still going strong. I can't remember ever having the urge to smoke. The very thought of it repulses me. Steve says that the money and health aspect of smoking makes him stay strong. We can't thank EasyStop enough for helping us live this better smoke free life, a life that we could have only dreamt of before. Will keep letting people know how successful we have found your service.”


Are these people any different from you? Not at all. They represent ordinary people just like you with the same desire to improve their health, save money, stop smelling of cigarettes and set a good example for their children as you have. Some of them had tried virtually every “stop smoking” technique available and were incredibly sceptical about giving this system a go

However it worked for them and it will work for you too. These medical professionals would not endorse the programme if it didn’t do everything we promise....

 "As a surgeon for more than 25 years I have a responsibility to help my patients stop smoking, as in the majority of cases it may save their lives. I refer my patients to EasyStop because their Method is the most effective way to stop smoking that I have found to date. My own daughter gave up smoking using the EasyStop Method over 18 months ago, and has not smoked since. As a father, I am delighted with that and will continue to recommend EasyStop as I have personally seen the results, which appear to be permanent."

B.M.W.B. - Surgeon, Surrey Hospital

"I am pleased to endorse the EasyStop Method of smoking cessation and will continue to recommend it to my patients, friends and family in the future."

M. A. - Dentist - West Sussex

If you, too, can simply put your doubts aside for a short period of time, you can see for yourself just what it’s like to be smoke free faster than you ever dreamed possible... breathe clearer, easier and fresher... enjoy more money in your pocket to spend on the things you love... all with the knowledge that you will be living a longer life and setting a positive example for your children!

Even Better, You’ll Get The Same Instruction For
A Fraction Of What Everybody Else Had To Pay!

Listen:  a lot of people right across the world are going to be upset that Elliott is making this programme available at such a low price. Especially since until now it’s only been available for more than five times the price. But that’s just too bad. Smoking is an addiction that is causing too much suffering within our community and it’s time to take the cigarette companies to task for using sneaky tactics to get people addicted to this toxic substance.

So here’s the deal:  Click on the link below to order RIGHT AWAY. Simply use your credit card – it’s fast, safe and 100% secure... at least ten times safer than processing your credit card through your favourite restaurant.

This package is actually valued at $656, however as a special introductory offer, we’re making it available for just $37.00 – and you can use PayPal or your credit card to order.

EasyStop International
 USA: PO BOX 14760
Mill Creek
Washington 98082  
 UK: 82 Crawley Green Road
Luton  LU2 OQU
 Australia: EasyStop International
PO Box 1355
Goulburn  NSW  2580

This price should be a no brainer if you are a smoker. Just take a look at how much you are already spending based on your current usage...

Pack / Day

$$ / Day

$$ / Week

$$ / Month

$$ / Year





















... so for what you would spend on one month’s smoking, you can quit smoking for good. That, my friend is the bargain of a lifetime, however I’m aware of the fact – particularly with the state of today’s economy - $37.00 may be a stretch for some right now, even though it will save you thousands of dollars over the next 12 months.

What’s more, the money is actually irrelevant, because...

You Also Get A 12-Month No-Risk
100% Money Back Guarantee


Simply order your copy of the EasyStop programme and use it as if you owned it. If, for any reason or for no reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied after you have completed the 7 day programme (by which my team and I had stopped smoking for good and never looked back) – I’ll personally guarantee you get a complete refund of your purchase price. No hoops to jump through. No filling out forms. And we’ll still be friends.

How can Elliott afford to be so generous? It’s really quite simple. Up until now, every single person I know of who has followed the EasyStop programme has stopped smoking... and as you saw in the above testimonials – believes this was one of the best investments of their life.

So I’m pretty darned confident it can work magic for you, too. Think about it: picture yourself as a non smoker, that would be something, wouldn’t it?

You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose in dealing with Elliott at all. You cannot possibly lose out. You’ll either quit smoking or you’ll get your money back. Simple as that.

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Free Bonus #1 – Elliott Wald’s
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If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, you’ll know exactly how the anxiety can affect you. The good news is that’s all about to change for you because with this CD you can reverse any attack of anxiety so that you come out the winner instead of the victim. Once you’ve decided to take Elliott’s programme and fight back against the toxic, addictive gunk, anxiety is virtually the only thing that has any chance of getting in your way. And that’s why he has created this CD as the ultimate weapon to help you stick the dagger into your nicotine habit and SAY NO for good. This programme is scientifically designed to help you feel relaxed and melt away all your stresses. Just download once you have sent your order, then sit down in your chair and press play.

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Free Bonus #2 – Special Bonus:  Subliminal CD that places lifes positive thoughts into your subconscious

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Well, there you have it. With these 2 bonuses, you’ve got everything you need to quit smoking for good – in just 7 days. Together these bonuses bring the total value of this programme to $656.00, more than five times your investment – but they’re absolutely free when you order by midnight tonight...

ValueYou Pay

The Easy Stop Smoking Made Easy Course



Free Bonus #1: Anxiety Buster CD



Free Bonus #2: Special Bonus Subliminal CD that
places lifes positive thoughts into your subconscious 



Total Value



You Pay



You Save



Three more BONUS offers. Three Bonus E-Books valued at $107. Free
  How To Build Self Confidence
Reduce Blood Pressure
Headache Report
Self Confidence E-Book Reduce Blood Pressure E-Book Headache Report E-Book

This Is NO TIME To Go It Alone

The cigarette and pharmaceutical companies do not necessarily have your best interests at heart. And that’s probably the reason why you are still a smoker, despite the fact you’ve tried to give up in the past. Remember, the longer you remain a smoker the more money they make. So they have a vested interest in keeping you in the smokers merry go round.

I want you to disappoint them. I want you to pull the psychological and physical weeds that are causing you to remain a smoker out at their roots.

More than that:  I want you to use the principles in EasyStop to stop smoking and never pick up a cigarette again – and stop the cigarette and pharmaceutical companies robbing you of your right to more wealth and better health.

In a way, the fat cats in the cigarette and pharmaceutical companies see all this as nothing more than a gigantic game of monopoly:  millions of smokers forking out big money on both sides of the fence, with 7% odds of success, and desperately hoping that someday their addiction to cigarettes will disappear.

It’s a cruel game. And it’s virtually impossible to win unless you change the rules.

Doesn’t it make a lot more sense to follow a proven method with a 93% success rate – and enjoy higher energy levels, fresher breath, food you can really taste and savour, whiter and brighter teeth, a higher level of fitness... and a big smile from your family because they know you’re going to live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life?

Well, say YES to your new life as a non-smoker and Click here for Instant Access! Say yes to this no-risk offer and let EasyStop help you STOP SMOKING today!


Doug Grahame

P.S. Remember, only EasyStop was designed to pull out the physical and psychological weeds at their roots so you never have the desire to smoke again. And only EasyStop has a 93% success rate and 12 year track record. Don’t settle for anything but the best – click here to get EasyStop today!

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